What is the Play About?

Six actors (including one male). This challenging play tells of the last days of England's poet prodigy, Thomas Chatterton. It contains extracts from his poems and elements of dance.

"Against a constant aural background of recorded chamber music the team brought the problems of life into vivid relief. Impressive costuming, spectral or spare, clothed this athletic visual show. Tension was built up and broken in rhythmic waves, taking the audience on an intense ride through the fluid switchbacks of the changing reality of the central figure of Chatterton. It was a stunning half-hour of history, sociology and pure expression."
- Christchurch Press

"It was magic! Pure magic!"
- Audience Member


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"Another Bloody Xmas Carol"
"Don't Count Your Ostriches"
"Ride-A-Cock Horse"
"Gods Will Be Boys"
"Matters Arising"
"The Waiting Game"
"A Bone to Pick"
"Just One"
"Two Sides"
"A Life in the Day of"