What is the Play About?

Flexible numbers, but at least seven actors. "Don't Count Your Ostriches" is about 30 minutes long. It has two variations: "Ballade of a Dying Planet" and "When God Saw".

The protagonist is a huge ostrich egg. Various totalitarian regimes capture the egg and declare it to be a national treasure and the justification of their despotic policies. One by one the systems collapse. The egg hatches...

"This play headlined the International Festival of Youth Theatre with no challenges. A simply stunning concept, risks aplenty, and humour ranging from the slapstick to the obtuse ensured that Bruce Goodman's play made its points, hitting home with an environmental message of epic proportions. The sight of a dying fish battling a drift net, the mysterious moa dance, and brilliant endangered species mime, were unparalleled and the gut wrenching humour was reminiscent of Limbs Dance Company."
- The Christchurch Press


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