What is the Play About?

Seven actors. "Ride-A-Cock Horse" is about 30 minutes long. It is perhaps more suited to New Zealand actors and audiences, although it could easily be adapted to suit any culture.

Five Admirable Connoisseurs set out in search of a genuine piece of literature. The Almost-A-Pantomime Dame is beside herself. She and her Assistant Fop feel so shallow. She resorts to extracts from Richard III. Nothing works.

"I had a student who was obsessed with this play. He knew everyones lines by heart. It is a wonderfully extraordinarily bizarre piece of writing!"
- Teacher


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"A Treatment of Thomas Chatterton"
"Another Bloody Xmas Carol"
"Don't Count Your Ostriches"
"Gods Will Be Boys"
"Matters Arising"
"The Waiting Game"
"A Bone to Pick"
"Just One"
"Two Sides"
"A Life in the Day of"