What is the Play About?

Zachustra cannot bear to excel. To avoid the criticism of others he escapes into a world of fantasy. He goes into a field of sunflowers and begins neurotically to cut down the tallest flowers. Soon there is nothing left.

Even the witch is stripped of her costume. There is no magic left. "There was a tree in the Garden of Eden whose fruit, if devoured, gave knowledge of good and evil. But it never bears fruit now. For whenever the time of ripeness comes, it cuts itself down, so shamed it was. So shamed it once was for bearing fruit."



"Here lies a dichotomy of comedy and tragedy. The surreal Zachustra sparkled. A witch, Little Red Riding Hood with the wolf's baby, and a series of rebellious sunflowers were a small part of Zachustra's world, where society is both the agent and victim of its own pressures."
The Christchurch Press

"I thought the playwright was getting at me personally. But so did everyone else in the house."
The Christchurch Star

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