What is the Play About?

This play can be used as either a monologue or as a play with several characters.

Set in the second century Roman world, Secundus catalogues the repression and masculine authority that moulds the student and soldier. Secundus' contempt for women reaches its depth when he attempts to seduce his own mother: "That night she hanged herself."



"This is a grimly compelling piece of theatre. Confronting the mysteries of women and enmeshed in disillusionment, Secundus establishes a warped and fascinating character. Contemporary references suggest that we are not as far removed from the world of Secundus as we would wish."
The Christchurch Press

"There is always the unexpected script. Secundus is such a play. This blackly savage piece of theatre established a compelling indictment of the male Roman system with its straight lines and rigorously drilled rules."
The Christchurch Press

"Pornography on stage. It was disgusting, offensive and totally unacceptable. Apart from that, it was brilliant."
The Taupo Times

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