771. Gwenyth takes flight
© Bruce Goodman 20 November 2015

Gwenyth was super organised. She wasn’t obsessed with order, but she liked to do things in an orderly way ahead of time. For example, she had a vegetable garden and she always filled the freezer up each autumn with enough vegetables and soups to last the winter. What a saving! And then she had purchased an entire cattle beast and had the butcher make ground meat and sausages and steaks and everything. It filled two freezers up but in the long run was a lot cheaper than buying meat bit by bit. A single beast provided enough meat to last eighteen months or more.

It was because she saved in such an orderly way that she could afford to take a three month trip to Europe. She had even defrosted the freezers before leaving. And cleaned her windows. Goodness! They would be just as dirty again when she got back! And off she flew!

Gwenyth changed planes in Kuala Lumpur and took off on a direct flight to London’s Heathrow. She was well in the air when she remembered something. After the defrosting, she’d forgotten to turn the freezers back on.

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