772. Wag
© Bruce Goodman 21 November 2015

Paul had a dog called Wag. He’d had it for three years. When his mother took seriously ill four hour’s drive away, Paul thought the quickest way to get there was to hitch-hike. He couldn’t find anyone to look after Wag, he was in too much of a hurry, so he took the dog along as well.

It works both ways; hitch-hiking with a dog. Some people won’t pick you up because you’ve got a dog. Other people will pick you up because you do have a dog. It didn’t take long before Paul got a ride.

The driver was very friendly and loved dogs. He said he had two dogs at home. One was a poodle and the other was a husky. Their names were Paddles and Ice.

After a couple of hour’s driving, the man said he needed to pull in at a rest stop. So he pulled over at the first convenience and left Paul in the car with the dog. Then Paul went to the wayside rest room while the nice man minded the dog.

And when Paul came out, the car had gone.

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