533. Yes, doctor
© Bruce Goodman 27 March 2015

Yes, well you’re the doctor and know. But your tips on how to get to sleep without sleeping pills don’t seem to work.

It’s a question you said of sticking to a regular sleep pattern. Well I do that, as I’ve said. I get up in the middle of the night to let the cat out. And then later, I get up to let the cat back in. Then I have to pee. Four times. It’s all pretty regular.

I don’t smoke before bedtime. In fact, you know I don’t smoke at all, but I used to. I know now that it’s caused breathing problems.

But I like the bit about not having a TV in the bedroom. So I think it should be moved out. Just keep the bedroom with a subdued light reserved for sleep and sex, you said. Well, is that a hint? I sleep with the cat on my feet.

But to be honest, it’s your bloody snoring that keeps me awake.

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