534. An algebraic episode
© Bruce Goodman 28 March 2015

For months Andreas had watched Stephanie. Not in a Peeping Tom, ogling, lecherous sort of way. He had noticed her. Then he found himself attracted to her, and thinking about her.

He would “accidently” make sure their paths crossed, and say a friendly “Hi!” Hopefully a pleasant conversation would follow.

They were students at university. They were both taking a paper on Foundations of Algebra, Analysis and Topology. It just so happened that Andreas was near the top of the class and Stephanie was struggling. Could she come to his place and get some help? Of course she could! Of course she could! Of course she could!

My goodness! Did Andreas clean his house! Dinner could have been eaten off the toilet seat. Everything was perfect. He even had a nonchalant vase of flowers plonked carefully on his little dining table where he and Stephanie would sit (together) and work on their algebra.

And she arrived! Stephanie arrived! She rang the doorbell! She was on the doorstep! His doorstep!

They sat next to each other at the table. Their knees almost touched. Andreas farted. It was a quiet one. It was the smelliest fart he had ever done in his entire life.

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