490. This vacuum cleaner sucks
© Bruce Goodman 12 February 2015

Athol, the door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesperson, was brilliant at his job. Every other vacuum cleaner salesperson was envious of his success; especially since they were paid on commission.

Athol was pushy. He would tap on a house door, and after a cheery “hello” would keep a foot on the step so that the door could not be shut in his face.

“This vacuum cleaner sucks like you wouldn’t believe,” he would say as he offered to scatter cold fire ash, food scraps, and animal fur over the house-owner’s lounge carpet. “See how powerfully it cleans up the dirt.”

In one particular house, Athol’s offer to spread dirt and clean up the mess was accept with relish. He scattered the trash over a wide area of carpet.

“Where’s the plug?” asked Athol.

“Oh! We don’t have electricity here,” replied the house owner.

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