482. Soap in the eyes
© Bruce Goodman 4 February 2015

Estelle lived alone. She was fussy about her brand of body wash, and shampoo and conditioner. What if the body wash was “Vanilla and Soy” and the shampoo was “Apple Blossom”? Yuk! Did these two scents mix? Did they clash?

In the end, she used “Watermelon” body wash, and “Lime and Cinnamon” shampoo. The shampoo was particularly good, because it was a “2 in 1”: she didn’t have to work out which was the shampoo and which was the conditioner while in the shower without her reading glasses.

It said “lather the shampoo in the hair and leave for a minute before washing out thoroughly”.

Of course lathering up and standing in the shower for a minute with eyes shut tight seems a long time. Estelle re-opened her eyes without fear of getting soap in them. There were wet footprints on the bathroom floor. They weren’t hers.

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