481. Cruise mode
© Bruce Goodman 3 February 2015

Mabel was on the horns of a dilemma. She had spent month’s planning her Caribbean cruise with her dear friend “Mavis”. It was actually a cruise with her secret lover, Theobald, but what Mabel’s husband didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. Except...

Three days before the Caribbean cruise was due to begin, Mabel’s husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Should she put the cruise off? Of course she should! They had always been known as a loving couple. She couldn’t ruin the image now. And then... anyway...

The life insurance she’d get later was pretty hefty. Mabel and Theobald could go on as many cruises as they wished after the death. So, said Mabel, let’s wait.

And wait they did. Do you think Mabel’s husband would die? He held on; and on and on. Selfish sod. It seemed like nothing would weaken the tenacity with which he clung to life.

And then! At last! At last! He kicked it! Hurrah!

Mabel phoned Theobald with the news. He’s not home?

Didn’t you know? He was off on a cruise with his good friend “Archie”.

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