785. Worn to a frazzle
© Bruce Goodman 4 December 2015

It had been three weeks of being worn to a frazzle for Joan. First, her husband got the flu, then her son, then her daughter. They all had to be looked after. She could leave them at home while she went to work, but they weren’t overly capable of doing much other than staying in bed.

At last they were on the road to recovery. He husband was back at work. Her son and daughter were back at school.

“I’m having a day off work,” thought Joan. And she did! She phoned up and said she thought she was coming down with the flu. She slept in. She had the house to herself. She made a nice cup of coffee, sat in the armchair, and began to go through whatever was on TV.

She dozed a bit midmorning. She woke with a raging throat and runny nose.

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