786. Ashes to ashes
© Bruce Goodman 5 December 2015

Neil had a problem. There was very little space on his body left for further tattoos. The problem was, his mother had died and he needed to honour her by using her ashes for a tattoo. His father’s ashes were used to tattoo his right arm and shoulder, and his brother the left. Two girlfriends covered his chest and torso, and an old, greatly-loved aunt filled the buttocks. Two of his numerous kids were on each leg. His best friend covered his back, and another ex-girlfriend did the neck.

And now his mother had upped and died and there were very few places left on his body.

“Stuff it,” thought Neil, “enough is enough.” He took his mother’s ashes and chucked them in the trash.

You’ve no idea how relieved his mother would have been.

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