346. Lost elasticity
© Bruce Goodman 21 September 2014

The elastic in Pierre’s underpants had suddenly lost its elasticity. The underpants had slipped way below the anatomical parts they were meant to cover. In fact, to Pierre, it felt like either side of his underwear was hanging out the bottoms of his trouser legs. Only the sewn seam in the crutch of his trousers was keeping the underpants from entirely slipping out.

Pierre was shopping at the time, and in the busiest mall in town. It was extremely uncomfortable, but he thought if he walked and moved naturally, no one would notice.

He had to find a public rest room and rearrange his under garment. Ah! There’s a clothes shop! Why not go into a fitting room and pretend to try on an item of clothing, and rearrange everything there?

He did just that. The relief! What’s next on the shopping list? Pierre shopped. He was loaded with parcels and shopping bags and groceries. That’s what happens when three birthdays in the one family all fall in the same week. No hand was free.

Don’t tell me! Oh don’t tell me! They’ve slipped again.

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