345. Hungry wolf
© Bruce Goodman 20 September 2014

It was a wild and windy Wednesday when Wendy went wandering way in the woods. What was waiting was worrying.

Why is it weird? wondered Wendy. Why does the willow wilt wispy?

Watch the wolf with wariness, whispered the wilting weeping willow.

Wendy was bewildered. What wolf? Where?

Wuddenly a wolf was watching Wendy. Wuck! whouted Wendy.

Wah woo Wittle Wed Widing Wood?

Nah, said Wendy, I’m Wendy.

You’ll do, said the wolf and gobbled her up.

Dit was a dark and dank day when Diana dared dance daintily down the dell. Danger delved deep in the dim dusk.

Doesn’t the day daringly demand doom? deliberated Diana…

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