344. Claudia jumps
© Bruce Goodman 19 September 2014

Who is this? Coming up the garden path? Knocking at the door? Why! It’s Mr Cooper! Claudia’s teacher!

Claudia was twelve years old. Only yesterday the class had a spelling test. Claudia hadn’t studied very hard for it. She didn’t need to learn how to spell Wensday and Februry and Libary. She already knew. But then, she thought after the test, that maybe she got a few more wronger than she was meant to have of.

And here he was, walking up the garden path. Knocking at the door. He’d come to tell her parents. Your daughter is lazy and failed. Knock! Knock!

Claudia’s mother went to the door. Claudia ran to her room, and hid.

“Is Claudia here?” asked Mr Cooper.

“I think she’s in her room,” said her mother. “I’ll look.”

Claudia jumped out her bedroom window to escape. She landed wrong and broke her leg. It was a pity, because Mr Cooper had come to tell her that she’d made it onto the school’s athletics team. In the high jump.

He left a note. There is a meeting of the athleats this coming weak; outside the libary; the first Wensday of Februry. At ate in the mawning.

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