343. Naming rite
© Bruce Goodman 18 September 2014

Vicky and Rick Smith had a baby boy. How wonderful! They were so excited, as is usual for brand new parents. But what to call the boy? They’d had months to think up names. Every name each suggested was not liked by the other.

“We’ll wait until he’s born,” suggested Vicky. That way we’ll see if a name suits.” It was just an excuse. They simply couldn’t agree.

Now the baby was five weeks old and still didn’t have a name. A compromise was reached: the rugby was on TV. We’ll call the baby after the first person to score a try. There was Josh, Andrew, Glen, Todd, Justin, Carlos, Taine, Simon…

“What about surnames?” suggested Rick. “They can be quite fashionable.”

There was Kronfeld, Mehrtens, Osborne, Marshall, Spenser, Randell, Culhane…

“Let’s go for the surname,” said Vicky. And that’s what they did!

The first try was scored! Wow! At last, the baby had a name! Welcome to the world, Blackadder Smith!

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