395. Carmel laughed
© Bruce Goodman 9 November 2014

Since Carmel’s husband’s death, Carmel had to do something she had never done in her life: she had to manage the finances. Just the household finances, and not big business finances. The big business finances had all been wound up before her husband died.

It was a learning curve for Carmel. She had been protected from such things all her life. She didn’t even know how to pay the credit card!

“Yes, I miss him terribly,” Carmel told her friends. “I miss him terribly.”

Carmel knew she had to step back out into the real world. Mourning was over. She bought a ticket for a comedy theatre. What better way? And she bought it using her credit card online!

Carmel enjoyed the show. She hadn’t laughed so hard since her husband died. Of course, he’d left her twenty-eight million, so there had been much to laugh about.

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