149. Filthy Rich
© Bruce Goodman 8 March 2014

There could be no doubt that Leanora was filthy rich. She had married into “old money” (as they say). Her filthy-rich, old-monied husband had died, and Leanora was left (so the whisper went) with an incredible amount of cash in her personal bank account.

“No wonder these old monied families stay rich,” said Juanita Hardy-Bovill-Brown. “She is such a miser when it comes to money. What’s the use of money if you can’t enjoy it?”

And a snob! Just because there was watered-down royal blood once running around in her late husband’s veins, doesn’t mean she has to walk with a carrot stuck up her bum. Cassandra Olivetti-Cymbals spoke the word “bum” in a hushed tone. “Such a snob,” she said. “Leanora has not once accepted our invitation to lunch. Too busy, she says. Too busy! Too busy climbing the social ladder, if you ask me. Just where does she go to during the day? And where does she go to at night?”

When Juanita Hardy-Bovill-Brown and Cassandra Olivetti-Cymbals attended Leanora’s funeral (after Leanora’s sudden death), they were even more disgusted. “What are all these smelly street people doing here? Why are there tramps here from the soup kitchen? Why are the night shelter no-hopers calling her their friend? Didn’t she have any proper friends? Quite frankly, we’re embarrassed to be seen here.”

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