148. Deidre's new school
© Bruce Goodman 7 March 2014

Deidre’s mother was distraught. Deidre had come home from her new school in tears.

“They called me names,” she said. “They called me horrible names.”

Deidre’s mother had specially chosen the school. The school had a good reputation. They weren’t meant to be racist.

Deidre’s mother went to see the school’s principal.

“They’re calling my daughter racist names,” she said. “I would like it to stop.”

“That simply can’t be true,” said the principal. “Our school is open and accepting. We don’t have racist attitudes in this school. It’s probably your daughter who’s the racist one. She would’ve started it. If you don’t like what we offer, then take her away and put her in another school.”

Deidre’s mother left her daughter at that school. With support she could learn to cope. Eventually things settled down. But it was often no fun for Deidre, being the only white student.

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