150. 150th anniversary garden tour
© Bruce Goodman 9 March 2014

(This is the 150th story on A Story a Day – without a day missed! During that period I have lost my job, broken an ankle, had four pins put in, dislocated a shoulder, spiral fractured a leg, cracked six ribs, had blood clots on both lungs, and twice had a racing irregular heart).

To celebrate the 150th story, and the apparent recovery from this rather dismal list of conditions (and to thank the many kind people who follow this blog of course), I’m simply going to take you on a walk around my garden. Put on your sensible shoes! Get your camera! Pour yourself a wine! Let’s begin the tour! Cheers! No, no, no! Bring the wine with you!

Let us start on the verandah. I’m not sure if everyone spells the word verandah with an “h” on the end, but it’s the spelling used here in New Zealand for the covered, open porch along the side of a house. Note the cat.

Here’s the view from the verandah. There are over 170 volcanic cones in the area. You can see one in the distance in this picture. I can see four from the verandah. Hopefully they won’t erupt while we’re on this garden tour.

We move on to a section of the vegetable garden. How’s the wine? Do you want a top up?

We grow most of our veggies and freeze them. Then during winter we forget they are in the freezer and go out and buy them at the supermarket.

Here’s part of the orchard. We have pears, peaches, guavas, feijoas, tamarillos, oranges, lemons, loquats… If you don’t know what a feijoa is there’s a pitcher of won after the orchid orchard below.

I forgot to put the pictcha of the feijoa in so you’ll have to google it as I went inside to get anither whine wine.

‘n flowers – I have lots of flouwers but mainly just red and white ones as that looks spectucullar spectikul spectacular. Cheers. (I awlready said that I thingk).

The pohutukawa tree (that flours read red at Chrisstmasss) is already in full bloom blue-m fool bloom, and the whyte Xmas lillies have already finished. Everythink is eaurrliy this yeah. yeer. yair. whatever.

Here’s the dog (Delia) kisthing the calf. Don’t stop step in the cow poo.

Welll thaaats enuff of the tour. Welll go inchside now an hav a dwink. But first, I have my camra – so hearz a pitcha of evryone. Tanks. Cheeeers!

Whoops! I slipt. Let’s hope nothinks brokin.

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