278. Hill climbing
© Bruce Goodman 15 July 2014

Susan and Gordon decided one Sunday to take their three kids for a walk. They drove to a high-ish hill hiking area, parked the car in the car park, and set out. They reached the top of the hill. My! What a view!

They had a picnic lunch at the top. They began to come down the high-ish hill hiking area. What fun it was coming downhill! Racing down! So fast! Racing like the wind! It was late afternoon when they reached the car park.

“Where’s Brent?” said Susan. They looked around. He wasn’t with them.

Susan and the two girls sat in the car. Gordon said he’d retrace their steps. Half an hour later, there he was! He was safe and well. How remiss of them not to have noticed he was missing! He had got behind and got lost. By now it was getting dark.

Gordon and Brent arrived at the car park. The car was locked. Susan and the two girls were nowhere to be seen. Gordon told Brent to wait at the car while he scouted for Susan and the girls. He couldn’t find them. Susan had the car keys. He returned to the car. Brent had disappeared. By now it was pitch dark.

Where were they?

And then he saw it. In what seemed a faint unnatural shadowy light. A face. At the end of the car park. Horrific. It was smirking. It was… looking.

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