277. Drunk online
© Bruce Goodman 14 July 2014

When Donal had had a few drinks he’d become quite imprudent on the internet. The next morning he’d regret it, but it would be too late. The emails had been sent. The comments had been made.

He informed some people of a particular ethnic background, that niger was the Latin word for black, and Latin was an acceptable language.

He informed Chinese people that the one child per family policy was a great idea, but no child per family was even better when it came to being Asian.

He informed women’s groups that filling the sink was fulfilling and why not give it a try?

He informed some liberal politicians that if they came near his house he’d shoot them.

He informed spammers that he knew where they lived and that their kids weren’t safe.

He informed indigenous people that they lost their land and “just get over it”. There was nothing that a good game of Cowboys and Indians wouldn’t solve.

He informed…

To sum up: although he was computer savvy, he died drunk, unhappy, friendless, twisted and embittered.

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