86. Phoebe's Uncle Jason
© Bruce Goodman 4 January 2014

Phoebe no longer believed in fairies. Her mother, knowing that the truth had been whispered around at school, sat Phoebe on her knee and explained that fairies were not real.

“But,” said Phoebe.

“No buts, darling,” said Phoebe’s mother. “Fairies are wonderful. They live only in our imagination. They don’t exist outside our head.”

It was therefore a little strange when it was announced that Uncle Jason was coming to stay. Phoebe overheard her father say to her mother, “He’s a bit of a fairy, isn’t he?” To which Phoebe’s mother said, “It’s no good pretending it’s not true.”

“Ah,” thought Phoebe, “they are trying to hide something from me. Uncle Jason is a fairy in disguise, and they don’t want me to know about it.”

When he arrived, Phoebe followed Uncle Jason around, watching, waiting. At night he went out and didn’t come back home until very, VERY late. Was he out doing fairy things?

Then it was the night of the big parade! Phoebe’s mother and father took Phoebe to see the great parade. THERE HE IS! THERE’S UNCLE JASON! He’s with lots of other fairies! He’s wearing glitter and has fairy wings! He’s wearing a fairy crown! He has a wand! UNCLE JASON! UNCLE JASON! HURRAH! HURRAH!

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