133. The flying nun
© Bruce Goodman 20 February 2014

Some wag (a former pupil of Sister Mary Emilian) had placed a traffic cone on the cross at the top of the church roof. Sister Mary Emilian hated it. She would see it every morning on the way to mass. If someone could put it up there, someone could get it down. She would get quite annoyed about it. Everyone else seemed to think that the traffic cone high on the church cross was mildly amusing.

One day, Sister Emilian borrowed a ladder and a long chimney sweep’s broom. She would get the traffic cone down herself. The ladder was a bit wobbly.

Mother Superior spied the wobbling ladder. “Sister, come down at once,” she called. “At once!”

And she did come down. A lot faster than was intended.

If you visit Sister Mary Emilian’s grave, hers is the one with the traffic cone placed by some wag (a former pupil of Sister Mary Emilian) on the gravestone cross.

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