132. A passing train
© Bruce Goodman 19 February 2014

Richard moved into a house next to the railway line. He had invited Miriam around. Tonight he would propose. He had the ring. He had prepared a beautiful meal.

Richard was nervous. Miriam was a little bit prudish; “proper” would perhaps be a better word. But Richard knew she was the one. He knew she knew it too!

The meal was over. The music was soft. The candles cast a lovely light. He reached into his pocket that held the ring. He went down on one knee.

“Miriam,” he said. A roaring train began to pass. “Will you marry me?”

Oh! the deafening commotion! The house shook. Richard quivered. Miriam trembled. The noise increased. It was as if the train was coming through the house.

Miriam nodded.

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