427. Last plane
© Bruce Goodman 11 December 2014

The last plane into the city’s airport was at 1.30 in the morning. After that, once all luggage was unloaded and collected, the airport doors were locked. You could get out but not in.

The last plane was relatively full. Five passengers ended up in the airport car park to collect their cars and drive home. The trouble was, there were locked chains across the car park exit.

None of the stranded passengers could re-enter the airport terminal to complain. Timothy had a solution. His vehicle was a large pick-up truck. He could simply push the chains and the post would snap. The fellow passengers applauded, and drove into freedom.

Of course, it was all recorded on the car park’s video cameras, including Timothy’s vehicle registration number. He received a court summons for the destruction of airport property.

Surprisingly, the judge let him go free. Timothy thought he looked familiar.

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