428. What to do?
© Bruce Goodman 12 December 2014

Graeme and Evelyn had three little children. It was then that Graeme started to realise that Evelyn was an alcoholic. At first it was just a drink while preparing dinner. Then it became a drink while preparing lunch. Soon it became an all-out drunken sprawl.

Quite frankly, Graeme didn’t know what to do. He had to go to work, but he couldn’t leave the three little kiddies in the care of their mother. Naturally, Evelyn denied she needed help.

There were no grandparents on the scene who could help out. They hadn’t made any friends he could ask to lend a hand. How can you make friends when your wife drinks herself silly?

Graeme went to ask the social services. He hit the wrong person on the wrong day. They offered a great deal of sympathy, but no practical help.

Then Evelyn started to get suicidal.

“Time’s up,” said the exam supervisor. “Pens down.”

Emile was annoyed. He was just getting into it.

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