Mum & Dad after the First Mass


Dear Mum & Dad,

Just a note re hymns for Mass of Thanksgiving…

I don’t think all hymns to Our Lady would be very appropriate, not only because there might be the odd non-Catholic there, but because singing to Our Lady during the Mass is not according to the idea of modern liturgical reform!! A hymn at the end to Our Lady would be enough. I thought something like this:

Entrance: Hail Redeemer, King Divine
- Community Mass Book, no. 47.
Offertory: O God, We Give Ourselves Today
- Community Mass Book, no. 12.
Communion: Soul of My Saviour
- Community Mass Book, no. 22.
End: O Mother Blest
- Community Mass Book, no. 52

Maybe the Lord Have Mercy, Holy Holy, and Lamb of God could be sung too. However, I’ll leave it up to you to finalize with Mr. Harris (but be firm about not having all hymns to Our Lady!) Mum, I was wondering if you could get a little present or something which I could give to Penny for her First Holy Communion? What do you think?

The Parish Newsletter you sent me made everything sound almost gigantic!

I have received letters from the following:-

i). Miss Win Collins from Wellington – she is coming to the Ordination. He said that she would be answering your invitation (which I sent) when she returned from hospital after an eye operation.
ii). Fr. Brosnahan from St. Mary of the Angels will be preaching at the Mass of Thanksgiving. He will stay Sunday night with some friends at Paraparaumu & after Mass will be playing golf!
iii). Mr. & Mrs. O’Sullivan – sponsors from Hastings – will be trying to make it, but Mr. Sullivan is not very well. However, I sent them an invitation so they will be replying to you.
iv) S. Peter Chanel, Sponsor from Foxton, will be coming to both Ordination & Mass of Thanksgiving. I sent an invitation so she will be replying to you. She can’t drive so I invited her “& any other sisters that want to come.” I think her & two others will be coming.
v) Mrs. Mary O’Hagan, who used to teach us Xtian Doctrine at Springhill, wrote me a lovely letter from Island Bay. I don’t know whether I sent her a printed invitation so she may not reply to you. Anyway, she will be trying to come to the Ordination and/or Mass of Thanksgiving. She is not very well, & has just had two big operations. It will also depend whether her son, Fr. Denis O’Hagan from St. Pat’s Town, can drive her out. Another son, Fr. Michael O’Hagan, is a curate at Taradale. She has also got a grandson in the seminary – Tim Gordon (3rd year).

Well, I’d better sign off. I will write whenever another thought springs to mind.

Love from

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