The family the eve before ordination

P.O. Box 43, Taradale.

Dear Mum & Dad,

I should really be studying, but I’m too excited to do anything at the moment!

Yes, our letters seem to be crossing! I’ve sent a Responsorial Psalm off to Helen! She can transpose it up or down if need be.

Could you tell Fr. Rice that I received his letter. He said, “If you wish the chairman of the Parish Council to read one lesson, please let me know.” I think it’s probably best if he does, because otherwise there’ll be no one left to read at the 1st Mass. Anyway, I’ve already asked Rick to read at the Mass of Thanksgiving. I will write to Tony tonight to ask him to read the 1st reading, so could you tell Fr. Rice that we’d like the Chairman to read the 2nd. Do you think that that’s best?

I leave “Highden” on the Newmans bus on June 28th, 9 a.m. It arrives at Waikanae at 10.30 a.m. so I’ll have a whole afternoon. On the Saturday and Sunday night I’ll stay at the Presbytery. Fr. Rice says I will be very welcome.

Fr. Connolly has just warned us to keep a list of who gives what – because it’s easy to get in a mess. So if anyone gives anything to you, please keep it written down. It’s especially important if they give money and say “Say a Mass for us”. I’ll have to watch out at the luncheon. Sometimes, as has happened, a new priest has ended up with a dozen or so Mass Stipends in his pocket without a clue as to who gave what and what for! Also, if some strange parishioner gives a gift, I’ll have to try and find the address so I can write and thank them. I’m just trying to think ahead, because I know in the past the occasional new priest has arrived back here in a big confusion as to where he got all the donations from. It’s not that I’m expecting anything, but it’s just a possibility. I think I’ll carry a notebook in my pocket just in case.

I’ll bring the Ordination booklets home with me on the bus, but I’’ send a sample to you, Fr. Rice and Mother Vianney as a preview as soon as they are assembled. But it should be a few days yet.

I’ve been receiving quite a few letters too. Bernard Cuttance (friend from Silverstream) can’t come. His wife has just had twins!! and so life’s in a hectic rush for them. Tony O’Connor and I are going to their place for tea on Friday. They live in Napier.

I got a letter from James Northcote-Bade, but he mentioned that he had written to you.

Kevin Connors at Riccarton Seminary, whom I wrote a letter to, can’t come.

I got a letter from Mrs. Cody. They will be coming to the Mass of Thanksgiving. But anyway, she said she was going to ring you.

I got a letter too from Mr. & Mrs. Cooper of Upper Hutt (Francis Leasiolagi’s N.Z. parents). But she said she had written to you too to say they are coming to the ordination. I suppose she mentioned to you how she feels she knows me anyway. They know Leo well from when they are at Otaihanga. They saw me every Sunday last Christmas as Deacon at Waikanae. And they also know Flo & Roy, & also Buster & Eileen.

The other day a Mr. Abbott called. He said he knew you. Anyway, I said that he was most welcome to come to the ordination. I’m not sure whether I’ve already told you this or not.

Well, I must sign off. Everything seems to be working out very smoothly.

Love from

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