Mount St. Mary's, Greenmeadows

Aspirant - 1st year seminarian
Bear/Berry - 1st cousin
Benediction - a R.C. devotion
Bivouac - a mindless army camp for compulsory military training
Conge - seminary name for a picnic
Chch - abbreviation for Christchurch
Chook - chicken
College - usually in N.Z. this is a high school
Culp - a public admittance that you made a mistake
Ethel - Ethel Scrimshaw, a great aunt on my father's side
Forty Hours - a R.C. Devotion
Francie/France - Sister
HB - Hawke's Bay, a N.Z. Province
Helen - Sister-in-law
Jane - 1st cousin
Kitch - Brother-in-law
Lauds - morning prayer
Leila - Mum's first cousin
Leo - Brother
Margaret and Bert - aunt and uncle
Marists - a R.C. religious congregation founded in France
Mass - a R.C. church service
Mehegan - Sister-in-law
Monition - fraternal correction
Month's Mind - prayers for someone who died a month earlier
Nola - wife of cousin Rod
Novena - a R.C. devotion lasting 9 days
Novice - 2nd year seminarian
Post - having to re-sit an exam
Provincial - head Marist priest in New Zealand
Rector - Headmaster of a High School
Rick - Brother
Rod - Mum's 1st cousin
Ron - Brother-in-law
Rosary - a R.C. devotion using beads
Rubber - in N.Z. this is the word for an eraser!
Sab./Sabbatine - Weekly Saturday Oral Exam
Shout - a N.Z. term for paying for something for others, e.g. pub shout
St. Peter Chanel - The R.C. proto-martyr of Oceania
Sue - Sister
Superior - head Marist in a house/religious community
Superior General - head Marist priest in the world
Supper - in N.Z. a cup of tea or coffee before bed
Surplice - a white waist-length choir gown
Tagg - tag rugby. I have no idea why the seminary used 2 g's!
Tea - the evening meal in N.Z.
Tony - Brother
Vespers - evening prayer
Wlgtn/Wgtn - abbreviation for Wellington

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