The prostration during the rite of ordination


Dear Mum & Dad,

Time is flying so fast I hardly know where I am. I’ve been receiving letters from all over the place!

Things I’ve done that you don’t have to worry about

- sent off photo & “blurb” to the “Tablet” and “Zealandia”. I think the photo is O.K. – all teeth and warts!

- am having the Ordination Holy Picture Cards printed here.

- am busy having Mass practices! At present I’m all arms and legs and haven’t got through it once without laughing. The first time I turned over two pages at once and left the consecration out. Paul Donoghue has been practicing in his room with a saucer for a host and a statue of Our Lady as a chalice! Mother Vianney sent the words for the hymns so at present I’m making 500 booklets. I will bring them down on the bus with me. I’ve ordered 1 dozen of champagne as you suggested on the phone about a month ago.

I received the extra invitations you sent, and I forwarded your invitation to Fr. McAloon.

Fr. Stapleton, the Parish Priest of Napier, told me that he had been talking to Mrs. Satchwell. She asked him what would be nice for their family to give me. I said a money gift, but if they wanted something more concrete, an oil stock (for Holy Oils). However, it would depend on the price range, etc. But apparently Mrs. Satchwell wanted a suggestion fairly substantial, so Fr. Stapleton is going to suggest that to her (but on the pretext that I haven’t been consulted). I hope I haven’t thrown a spanner in the works for anyone else.

It was nice to hear Helen & Rick’s voice when they rang me from Hastings, when I was at Waimarama. I rang Nola and passed on your suggestion about including Mr Hamilton’s name on the invitation.

I think a Cenacle Crusade of Prayer to the Ordinandi would be very good – as you suggested.

[At present I’m simply going through all your letters and answering the questions as they come up!]

The nun from Foxton, who is my sponsor, is a Good Shepherd nun. Mr. & Mrs. O’Sullivan – who are also my sponsors – are Harvey O’Sullivan’s parents. I had stayed with them before I went to the Seminary, & I’ve seen quite a lot of them during the course.

I wrote to Mr & Mrs Avery, and got a letter from Mrs. Avery today.

I wrote to Fr. Rice “confirming” (suggesting!) Mark as Altar-boy, Penny’s 1st Communion, plus - Tony reading at Ordination!

- Sue, Leo & Francie, Offertory Procession at Ordination.

- Rick Reading at 1st Mass (I think that this would be better. I suggested to Father that perhaps since it was a Parish occasion (ordination) someone from the Parish, e.g. chairman of the Parish Council, might like to read as well as Tony. It’s not that I’d like to leave Rick out, but I didn’t want to push the parish right out and let the relations do everything! I hope you’re not annoyed, but it’s up to Fr. Rice anyway. I haven’t asked Rick or Tony yet.)

I think it’s a good idea for Debbie, Sunny, Sally & Lance to take up the Offertory Procession at the Mass of Thanksgiving – since you would prefer not to. Could you please ask them? I’m sick to the teeth of writing letters! I’ll leave all these little things for you to organize, because it gets very difficult if you’ve got to write to me all the time & I’ve got to write back. Although it’s very interesting & exciting hearing about all the arrangements.

All the “dress-making” that’s going on sounds tremendous. Francie seems to be making allowances in the cincture for me getting fat.

What about hymns for the Mass of Thanksgiving? I will write to Helen – perhaps she could sing something. But will there be an organist? If so, I’ll leave it up to you to arrange the organist & hymns, but can we have one to Our Lady at the end, e.g. “O Mother Blest” or “Hail Queen of Heaven”?

I received the “Myadec” tablets, & am taking them. Thank you. Actually, I had a few left over from last year and had already started taking those but they had nearly run out. I’d better give you my plans because I’ve got less than 2 weeks left at the Mount.

+ until June 16th (Mon.) at Mount. [Best time to ring is tea-time (5.30 p.m.- 6 p.m.)

+ June 17th (Tues.) to Fri. 20th – Deacons go out to Waimarama with Fr. Connolly. The phone (which has just been installed) is 874 Waimarama (Hastings Exchange).

+ Sat. June 21st to Sat. 28th – Highden. Phone 739 Rongotea.

+ Sat. 28th – to Paraparaumu!

I would rather, if possible, have everything finalized before Camp, or at least before Highden – at least “finalized” from my point of view!

It’s really time I signed off. I’ve been at this letter all night. Have many accepted/refused invitations? I received a letter (plus $20) from Fr. Carroll before he left for Ireland.

I will write again in a couple of days to let you know how the booklets, etc. are progressing.

Love from

P.S. Bernie Gibbons left the other day (3rd year). He’s from Linden. His father died last Christmas. Bernard is coming to the ordination. Today I went to see Scotland beat Hawke’s Bay 30-0 at McLean Park. But it wasn’t a very exciting game. We’re busy with exams at present.

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