Entering the Paraparaumu Church for ordination with Bishop Sneddon

Mt. St. Mary’s,
P.O. Box 43,

Dear Mum & Dad,

I’ve written so many letters recently that I’ll make this short then get on with some study.

Thanks for the invitations. They were tremendous. Enclosed is a list of those I sent them to. Also is a list of those I wrote letters to. I hope I didn’t write to anyone you had sent an invitation to, but I checked your list thoroughly before I sent them off.

I spent last weekend at Waimarama. 7 of us went out. Helen & Rick gave me a ring while I was there, so I asked Stanley to help Mark serve my Mass of Thanksgiving. He’s going to ask Mark to show him what to do.

I’ve asked Fr. Brosnahan to preach at my Mass of Thanksgiving, but you’ll have to check it out with Fr. Rice. I will write to him (Fr. Rice) tomorrow and ask him that & lots of other things! You met Fr. Brosnahan when you were up at Easter. He took that photo of us. He was our Director for the Deacon’s Pastoral Course in Wellington last Christmas. I hope it will be okay with Fr. Rice. A guest preacher is normally invited. If he does preach, he’s brilliant. You’ll need your hanky!

I couldn’t think of anyone you’ve left out of your list. When you were up at Easter you mentioned the Leach’s and Cheer’s of Springhill, but I suppose they’re not necessary! The other day I was over in Hastings, & I called in and saw Aunt Lucy. She seemed very well.

The plans you have made for Ordination & Mass of Thanksgiving sound tremendous. I will write again soon, but I simply must write to Fr. Rice first because he’s in charge! They say at an ordination everyone’s important except the one getting ordained!!

Well, I’d better fly.

Love from

P.S. I can’t remember if I told you Mum, but I gave your name to Fr. Connolly to be enrolled as a Sponsor as you asked. Has he written to you?

Have had some tremendous letters from my sponsors. Their names are on the list of invitations enclosed (5 of them).

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