Me, Mum, Mark (nephew), Leo, Dad

10 May ’75.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Well, I’m sorry I take so long to get round to writing when you’re so busy trying to organize things.

Thank you for the money for Ordination Programmes. I will print 500.

I think the idea of invitation cards as you said is good. Now that the “reception” is to be had in a hall & not at home, it wouldn’t matter who I invited to come to the Ordination would it? Not that I’ve got any intention of flooding the church with guests, but there are a number of people whom I have got to know over the years & would very much like to get invited (even if they can’t come!) People like Mr & Mrs O’Sullivan from Hastings have always called in to see me regularly, etc. Anyway the numbers would only amount to a dozen+. I’ll work out a list later and let you know the number.

I asked Fr. Connolly to enrol you as a sponsor for a student Mum, as you asked. So you will probably get a note from him sometime.

Please thank Leo for his letter. It’s too late now for us to do anything, so we will use the old system. We got started too late this term, but might do something early for next term.

Bishop Finau of Tonga arrives here today to stay for a few days.

Tell Sue that I’ll forgive her for not wanting to read the epistle at the Mass of Thanksgiving, if it means that she’s now going to enjoy herself! But she’s most welcome if she wants.

Well, I think I’d better sign off because there are a few other letters I’ve got to write.

Love from

P.S. It’s only 7 weeks away from tomorrow!

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