Farewell for Percy Kimble & Nisi 'Ota'ota

Mt. St. Mary’s,

Dear Mum & Dad,

Just a note before I go to bed.

The Massey exam last Thursday went alright I think. I should get it – but too bad if I don’t. The next exam is on the morning of November 6th.

Buster & Eileen Foster were up here today. Also, Jill & Peter Gerrie from Auckland with baby Catherine.

Nisi ‘Ota’ota leaves for Tonga and Ordination on November 4th.

There’s not much happening here. I seem to be fairly busy, & will be glad soon when I can have a rest! Or at least a change. I’d imagine being Deacons in Wellington won’t exactly be meant to be a holiday.

The All Saints Anglican Choir will be coming here next Sunday night to sing vespers with us. It is an annual event. It is a junior choir with mainly school children. That is the Singing Master’s last major engagement for the year, other than singing for Diaconate.

I can’t think of any more news, so will go & post this now.

Love from

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