Baptising France & Ron's son Matthew

P.O. Box 43,

Dear Mum & Dad,

“Happy Birthday Mum!”

I’m writing this an hour earlier than I would have because of daylight saving!

Next Wednesday – 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 – I’ve got my last Massey Exam. I’m still a bit behind but have prepared a reasonable amount. A lot will depend on luck on my getting the right questions.

It is tremendous you’re having a house Mass on the 12th. I’m not sure what time we will be getting Diaconate, but it will be in the morning of the 12th. It will be arranged with Archbishop Delargey when he arrives the evening before. I won’t write again probably until after diaconate so this will probably be my last letter as a layman!

Francie & Ron’s house sounds very exciting. Don’t forget to let me know when Francie has the baby.

Today Fr. Percy Kimble left for St. Pat’s College, Timaru. Fr. McGovan, who teaches there is ill, so Percy has gone to take his place. Deacon Nisi ‘Ota’ota leaves for Tonga tomorrow morning. He’s getting ordained on Nov. 28th. This leaves my band as the top band after all these years.

How did Leo get on in his exam last Saturday?

Tonight the local All Saints’ Anglican Choir came and sang Vespers with us. They do it once a year, and we go down to their church once a year. We went down several months ago. There is only a week of classes left before revision. This means that as Singing Master I’ve only got one week of classes left to take. It’s been a long musical year!

Well, I must go to bed. It’s ¼ to 11 and somehow it only feels like ¼ to 10.

Love from

P.S. “Happy Birthday” once again Mum!

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