P.O. Box 43,
Sun. 18th Aug. ’74.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Enclosed is a programme for the musical “Jonah”. It went off very well. The local newspapers gave it good write-ups, and the audience received it enthusiastically. I went to both public performances – on the Thursday and Saturday nights. The songs are catchy too.

Frs. Weaver and Connolly and Reader are away at present. There is a priests’ retreat on at Futuna this week. So we have been left a lot of work to do by ourselves this week.

The swimming baths are progressing. They have got the sides up already.

Have Tony & Rick sold the Village Centre yet?

I suppose you saw in the paper the big waves they had at Clifton & elsewhere. One lady had just moved back into her house after two months since the last floods. She had the house completely carpeted & wall-papered & when she “woke up” in the morning there was two feet of water in the house! The experts had predicted exceptionally high tides, and they predict them again on September 19th.

I am not sure about the time I’ll be home this Christmas holidays. After diaconate we will be out in the parishes. So whether I will be home at Christmas time itself, I am not sure. But certainly, I’ll be coming home at some stage of the holiday period.

I haven’t received the “tablets” you said you were sending Mum. I realize you probably haven’t sent them yet, but mention it in case you have sent them and they’ve got lost in the mail!

We are still having a lot of rain. It certainly is a funny year for weather.

Well, I can’t think of any more news.

Love from

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