Visiting Fr. Seon's grave at Puketapu Cemetery
Seon was an early French Marist

P.O. Box 43,

Dear Mum & Dad,

Francie was very lucky to sell her Salon like that I thought.

This Wednesday afternoon, Thursday evening & Saturday night, St. John’s College, Hastings, are putting on their operetta “Jonah”. I think I told you that Frs. Benton & Woodcock wrote it, & I helped to write the music down. I went to a practice yesterday in the Municipal Theatre in Hastings, & it promises to be very good. I’m going to it on Thursday night, & will let you know how it goes.

Well, the first week of the 2nd Term is already over. This term is shorter than last term.

They have started work on the new baths. So far they have dug the hole.

This Thursday is the Feast of the Assumption, and Fr. Hickey will be coming up. Barry Leech & Michael Pervan will be made Acolytes. The Provincial is able to confer Acolyte on people with the Bishop’s permission, so Fr. Hickey will be doing it this time.

Fr. Carde, the Vicar Provincial of the Marist Fathers in Oceania, was here in the last few days. He is stationed in Fiji. With the Varsity August holidays started a few have called in from Aurora Terrace. Everything seems to be going well down there. It’s hardtop believe that there’s really only a “few” weeks before Varsity finals. It only seems like yesterday since I sat mine.

They had the ‘Hearing’ in Napier last week as to whether our farm should go into the housing area for Napier city. The outcome hasn’t been announced, but naturally we objected strongly! There were about a dozen objectors, including the M.O.W.s who proposed an alternative site. The Press & T.V. announced that if the scheme goes ahead “The Mission Will Have to Close Down”, but that was completely wrong.

Well, I’ve got to go to a conference from Fr. Connolly.

Love from

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