Mt. St. Mary’s,
P.O. Box 43,
4th August ’74.

Dear Mum & Dad,

First of all, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” for today Dad! and then “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to Leo for the 30th!

I’m sorry I haven’t written earlier. The holidays have flown. I was at Waimarama for most of the time, but came into the house for a few days to get over the ‘flu I managed to pick up, but I’ve got over it now. Did you go away at all for a holiday?

During the holidays I managed to catch up on my Maori. This year I’m doing 4th Form Maori from the Correspondence School. Because I started at the 4th Form I had a lot of 3rd Form Grammar & Vocabulary to learn. So fortunately I did it in the holidays. I think it will be very valuable to have, no matter what job I end up doing, Even in some of our schools it is a subject that is taught, & at St. Augustine’s in Wanganui it is a compulsory subject. So it is handy not only for the Maori Missions.

Classes begin again tomorrow. I must admit that I’m not looking forward to them. I felt very tired at the end of last term, & still feel a bit worn. We’re still trying to settle back in after the year at Aurora Terrace! It certainly is a big change. Not that we’re having a crisis or anything, but it’s just so different – as you could imagine.

Fr. Roach is here at present, giving the philosophers a 3 day retreat.

Spring has arrived. There’s blossom & lambs all over the place, & the ground’s just thawing out after all the rain we had earlier.

I went well in all of my exams last term. Massey History exam is just in a few months.

Well, I can’t think of any more news. Had better get ready for tomorrow’s classes.

Love from

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