Mt. St. Mary’s,
10th July ’74.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Here I am sitting & waiting for my turn to come up for the Oral Exams in Dogma & Moral. My 10 min. Moral Oral is in 14 Minutes! The written exams went alright. Now I’ve got to catch up on my Massey work!

I’m sorry that you will not be going on holiday 7 coming up. However, you can come up any weekend (& I can go out) next term. Diaconate date hasn’t been finalized yet, but it will probably be straight after Massey Exams are over. Then, so the rumour goes, we will be going out into the parishes (or a parish) for a Month’s Pastoral Course.

I’ve just finished my Dogma Oral. Both Orals went very well, so that’s exams over for this term. Camp starts on Saturday.

I haven’t seen the new “Leyland” on the roads, but everyone’s been saying when I ask around that they are terrific looking cars!

We seem to be having one sunny day, one cloudy day – off and on. But the trouble is that since the big flood the ground is just saturated. So now even a small shower is enough to put several inches of water over the vineyards & flat paddocks. And it takes several days to drain off.

I don’t know if I told you, but someone has donated the Mount some money for some new swimming baths! The “Old Brothers” Building out the back will be pulled down & the baths will be put there. The present baths are too small (both for swimming & for fire insurance). They are also going to build a couple of squash courts. And when the drive & area around the house has been tar sealed (it is nearly done) then they will be starting on the tennis court. We haven’t had a tennis court since the extension of the cellars was built. So we’re going all sporty which is very good because they’ve needed these facilities for a long time.

It is still not decided whether Napier is going to extend all over our farmland. We have lodged our objections but they haven’t had the “Big Meeting” yet.

Well, I think that that’s all the news. I hope your foot gets better quickly Mum.

Love from

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