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27th March ‘73.
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Dear Mum & Dad,

Everyone enjoyed the evening at home. After we left we went & saw Tony’s cellar for a few minutes as Tony had suggested, & then we came home. We didn’t call at the convent because it was 9.15 & Barry Leech wanted to get his Father’s car home before it got too late.

Last Saturday night I went to a concert at the Town Hall. They called it a Musical Marathon – it was part of the Wellington Festival. The first section was a Polish pianist. Then the Symphony Orchestra & the Orpheus Choir sang an hour long set of songs. They were very good. The next section was a modern piece by a person called Stockhausen. They turned all the lights out, & then various noises started up in speakers all around the room. Sometimes the sound would dart from speaker like this

As I say, the lights were out, & then a big “search light” (RED) began glowing & got brighter & brighter, & everyone looked red. And then a GREEN search light began shining & you had a very strange effect.

In the places where the two colours mixed you got an eerie white light, & where the red didn’t shine you got a green shadow, & where the green light didn’t shine you got a red shadow. It was very interesting.

Well, I’d better sign off now.

Love from

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