Me with sister Sue at Otaki Forks

Marist Seminary Extension
48 Aurora Terrace
4th May 73.
Phone 43-922

Dear Mum & Dad,

Today is the last day of the first Varsity term. It seems to have gone very fast. We then have 2 weeks for the May holidays. Tonight I’m leaving for Taradale with Mick Austin. We are teaching at a C.C.D. weekend at the Taradale Parish. I will be taking Std. 5. Mick Austin has a French Test late this afternoon, & I’ve got a lecture. Fr. Fitzsimons, the Parish Priest, thought that if we went by train or bus that evening we would arrive too late to make adequate preparation for the classes, so he bought us tickets on the plane – Flight 1810, leaves 8.30p.m. I hope the weather clears up a bit. We will stay up at the Presbytery until Sun. 13th, when we will return on Newmans. In the free week we might go tramping with Fr. O’Hagan. The address is P.O. Box 51, Taradale, H.B. Tele. 42-224

The Provincial Chapter begins at “Futuna” on Wednesday the 9th. I don’ know if they are going to make any dramatic decisions. Last Chapter they decided to set up this house in Wellington – so you never know what will come out next.

This week is Capping Week at Varsity. Normally they have Parades, etc. but this year the Student Executive (who are mainly Marxists thought they would get rid of them & replace it with “heroic activity”. An “heroic Action” for example is when a member of the Women’s Liberation Movement goes into a hotel. As a result, it’s been the deadliest Capping Week for some years apparently!)

Next term in one of my music units I will be studying in the electronic studio. They have all sorts of tape recorders, computer-looking machines there that make all manner of noise. It should be very enjoyable.

Well I must fly!!

Love from

P.S. I meant to write to Sue for her birthday, & then I thought I’d ring, & then I never did anything, so please pass on “Happy Birthday”.

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