Me, on balcony just outside my window

48 Aurora Tce.,
Wellington 1.
Tues. 20th Feb. ‘73.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Well, I enrolled yesterday without any trouble. Fortunately, Massey University had transferred my record to Victoria University, so I didn’t need my certificates. Of all the past Massey students among us seminarians, I was the only one whose record Massey had transferred, & I was the only one who didn’t have my other certificates! So I was lucky.

I suppose you have posted the certificates now.

When you come to Wellington, you’ll have to call in sometime to pick up your suitcase which you brought my clothes in. Also I have a tin of honey for Mrs. Sinclair ($1) but couldn’t get any bubbly. [Also, please could you ask Ted Connolly if he got his dozen Hock sent to him OK.] When you come in, I was wondering if you could bring my notes from the garage & also the calendar which is probably hanging on the wall of Francie’s bedroom. However, there is no hurry for any of these things.

My subjects this year have at last been finalized; Music History, Literature & Analysis 300 – 1750 A.D., Music Education & English II. Fr. Hickey wanted me to do English II.

I saw Nola the other day at St. Mary of the Angels. I walked in there at about 10 past 8 one evening & there she was with a friend who comes down every month for organ lessons with Max Fernie. Alan Woodcock took me along to listen to the St. Mary of the Angels’ Choir practice last Friday night & to meet Max Fernie. Alan Woodcock sings in the choir at practice & is their chaplain. He is becoming very popular, especially for his sermons & singing – in fact he went over to Karori last Sunday to sing the Broadcast Mass. He’s liked in the communes around Wellington too. There seem to be a lot of communes about this area.

Well, that’s about all the news.

Love from

P.S. If you look at the cover of the Wellington Telephone Directory – 3 ½” across the top & 7 ½” down, you will see a Norfolk Pine (just under a yellow crane). The Norfolk Pine is one our property & the house is just behind it – but you can’t see the house in the photo because it’s in a dip.

If you call & I’m not here – the bag is above the wardrobe & the honey is under my basin.

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