Cardinal Pio Taofinu’u S.M. with Pope Paul VI

48 Aurora Tce.
Mon. 12-2-73.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Well at last I’m here & have got round to writing. I’m looking out my window at the moment at 7.10 a.m. What with Aurora House, NAC, Haywrights, Shell House, James Cook Hotel, etc just a few yards from the window, I don’t get much of a view of the harbour. The little gaps between the buildings are not too bad though. I can see the Hutt Motorway & Petone, & on the other side of the harbour the funnel of the Picton Ferry & Mt. Crawford prison.

The motorway between me and the sky scrappers is coming along nicely, but I’ve got to keep my window shut all the time during the day to keep out the dust.

As I said on the phone, we got here on Friday afternoon. Our arrival was postponed for a week because Fr. Delaney was required for teaching up at Pompallier College (the Rector, Fr Wysocki, has hepatitis). So Fr. Hickey is in charge of us until Fr. Roach get back next month. Fr. Chris Austin is also here & teaches at St. Pat’s during the day; & Bro. Aloysius does the cooking & house keeping.

We have already had a lot of visitors. At the moment we’ve got 3 Tongans staying. They arrived in N.Z. yesterday & are staying here until they get alternative accommodation – which should be today from what I hear.

Well, the seminary at Greenmeadows has its first old boy Cardinal. I suppose you saw in the paper that Pope Paul has created 30 new Cardinals, & one of them is Bishop Pio Taofinu’u of Western Samoa. He did his studies there in the 50s & was made a Bishop in my first year at the Seminary.

I hope the Baptism of Stuart went very well. I would have liked to have come, but didn’t think it would be wise to dash off to Waikanae on my 2nd day here. Mum, I was wondering if you knew where my school Cert., U.E., Higher S.Cert., & Endorsed School Cert. Certificates were. If you can find them, please could you send them to me urgently.* Also any music theory certificates that you can find. Thank you.

Well, I’ve got to get this posted at the Terrace Post Office before the mail is collected at 11 a.m.

Love from

*I need them when I enrol to save 9/10 of my enrolling fee.

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