10 Airini Rd.,
Via Havelock Nth.
13th Dec. ’72.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Have just finished assembling the “Vinculum”. As you can see, I am out at Camp. Actually I’m in at the Mount for the day to do the “Vinculum”, but will return to Camp this evening.

I’m arriving home for the holidays on the 22nd Dec. (leaving Napier on the 9 a.m. Newman’s Bus). I don’t know what time it gets into Waikanae. I return on the 15th Jan. so have almost 4 weeks.

This writing on orange paper is a very good idea! I got the idea off the last letter from you. It certainly saves pad paper – and saves money, & it’s quite respectable too.

We are having a very enjoyable time at Camp – very fine weather. I’ve been there since last Thursday. I did well in the exams. The Fathers of the Province are having their retreat here at the moment – preached by Fr. Coste (a Frenchman from Rome). There were 80 priests in the first retreat, & 70 in the second. The rest are making private retreats.

Well, I’ll see you on the 22nd.

Love from

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