P.O. Box 43,
Mon. 9th Oct. ‘72

Dear Mum & Dad,

I always have to look up who’s Box 43 & who’s Box 48. In fact, I look at how you address your letters to see what my address is. It will be easier next year because I’ll be 48 Aurora Terrace.

It has just started to spit with rain. It is the first rain we have had since Francie’s Wedding, & I can’t remember what it was like before that. The ground is very dry & hard, and in fact some of the hills were starting to go brown. I spent all of yesterday watering the garden, so I half expected it to start raining today.

I got a letter from Margaret saying that the vicar says it’s alright for me to play the organ for Jane’s Wedding on Jan. 6th. Bear is 3rd mate on a ship going to the West Coast of America, & it seems he will be able to get home for the wedding.

Our concert went off excellently, & everyone enjoyed it.

I’m writing this before Mass, & the bell’s just gone so I’d better post it.

Love from

Mon. 9th, 7.30 p.m.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Here’s another Vinculum.

I don’t put anything in about St. Peter Chanel’s bone because I haven’t heard whether it’s been proved yet. But it certainly will be an interesting item when I do hear.


P.S. Tony & Rick might be interested in the article on the “Highden” Farm. When I was at Highden (& Tony & Rick had the calves) Tony asked me if I could find out something about the “Highden” system. However, I couldn’t find much then. But they might find it interesting now – even though it’s too late.

P.S.S. What’s France & Ron’s address? Not that I’m writing.

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