P.O. Box 43,
Taradale, H.B.

Dear Mum and Dad,

Thank you for the invitation card. It’s in the mail somewhere now.

I noticed on the envelope you sent (not the one inside the letter but outside – my address) that you had Box 46 instead of Box 43. There’s that many P.O. Box 4 something addresses floating round that I feel sure I put the wrong number on your Box 48.

Fr. Connolly said that he got a letter from you Mum. Friday 8th September is actually a Feast Day for us (Our Lady’s Birthday) so I’ll be able to catch a late morning bus after classes (instead of an afternoon bus). I will have to be back in time for Monday’s classes – which will probably mean a Sunday bus, preferably the one that gets in here about 9 p.m. rather than the near midnight arrival, because I’ve got to be picked up at Napier. Anyway, I’ll let you know when the bookings are arranged.

This term we will probably be putting on the musical, “Trial by Jury” by Gilbert & Sullivan. I am to be the musical director. It is a 1 act operetta, & only lasts for 45 minutes, so we might have a variety concert in the first half to make up the time.

Please thank Helen & Rick for their letter, & for the newspaper clipping that was very interesting.

I see in the latest “Tablet” a photo of Bevan Smith – who’s in the N.Z. Olympic Team. He was in the same class as me at school – primary. Sr. Paul is also in the photo; so we are a pretty famous class. John Cottle, who was in my class at Silverstream, was in the Olympic Equestrian Team – but that team’s not going now because they can’t get their horses over or something.

Did I tell you I pulled a foal out of some mud? At camp I noticed this horse pawing the ground all day, so I went to have a look. When she saw me she started neighing. Her foal had fallen down abut a 10 foot bank & was lying covered in paupa (?) mud at the bottom of a creek.

The foal only looked about a day old. I couldn’t find the farmer so I decided to get it out myself. When I lifted up the foal (it was very light) the mother just about went mad, and made a terrific noise. I thought she was going to come charging down the bank at me and would skid on the mud & land on top of me. I carried the foal along a track up the bank and about 5 other horses followed me. They were sniffing me & everything. I was just about ready to throw the thing in the creek & run. However, I eventually got it to the top of the bank, & the mother seemed very pleased. The foal could stand & walk slowly, & it had a drink. So things seemed to be alright. Judging from what I remember of Doressa when she was a foal, it seemed only about a day old.

Do horses get very wild if you touch the foal Dad?

Well it’s almost lunch time so I must go.

Love from

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