Mt. St. Mary’s
Sunday 16th Apr. ’72.

Dear Mum & Dad,

The day is cloudless & fairly warm, but winter is definitely on its way. The last few days have been freezing, with a cold wind coming off the ranges. However, we haven’t had a frost yet.
I didn’t ask Leila, Rod or Nola to the Easter Vigil because so many were coming already, and I thought it would help make room for other’s relatives. There were a lot of relatives up from the South Island because many of the 8 getting finally professed were from the South. Their whole families came. I didn’t play the organ for the Easter Vigil, but played it for Holy Thursday.

Sorry about the blood, but I’ve just cut my finger!

Don’t worry about putting Rev. on my letters! It can wait!

I was thrilled to hear that Leo has taken up flying. I suppose his ankle is better now.

Last Tuesday we had a Conge, but Fr. Hannigan, our Australian Scripture Teacher, wanted to go up to Wairoa, so Alan Jones, ‘Okusi Falemaka & I went with him. We went in the House Car and took turns in driving. We ended up at the Hot Pools at Morere where we had a picnic lunch. The day was slightly overcast, so we had all the hot pools to ourselves. It contains iodine salt, & does not smell like Rotorua. The hot water comes from an earthquake fault. Have you ever been there? We had a most enjoyable day, and got back here in time for tea.

Mrs. Owens said to apologize to you for confusing you about final profession. I was speaking to her on visiting day. Now that Rob Devlin is working for a year in the Blenheim Parish, you are the closest parents to Wellington of any member of my band. The band has rather dwindled down over the years, what with starting at 16, we now have four. However, it’s not as bad as all that really, as the bottom diagram shows:-

1. Maka Tatafu Suva Seminary.
2. John Lomu
3. Tony Solomone
4. Joe Stowers - left in my 1st year, went to a Seminary in Australia, & has now rejoined the band in Suva.
5. Rob. Devlin Blenheim Parish
6. Tim McCann Still here.
7. Tony O’Connor
8. Bruce Goodman
9. John Owens

When someone says, “Yours is a very small band,” we just say that we’re very missionary minded, for over half of it is overseas! 9 out of 16 is not a bad average really.

I have just finished writing another Vinculum.

The Formation Committee is meeting here at the moment. It is made up of Frs. Connolly, Tomasi (Novice Master), Weir, Roach & G. Duggan, & Scully. One of the items on the Agenda will be whether my band go to Aurora Terrace next year or not. We will probably go only for a year now, if we go at all – just to boost the number when getting a House started. If so, my final profession will probably be at St. Mary of the Angels or somewhere in Wellington.

Half a dozen students have taken the van today & gone into the hills to get some plants for the fernery. Times are changing. Another change – announced last night – is that every term everyone will spend one weekend out at Camp if he wants to. I’m going out to Camp on May 26th & then returning on the following Monday morning. There’s only ½ a dozen of us going out then. It is to provide a break from study & the Seminary atmosphere.

Well, I think that that’s all the news this week.

Love from

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