Mt. St. Mary’s

Dear Mum & Dad,

Enclosed are some seeds you asked for on a visiting day about a year ago! I passed the spot about a minute ago & remembered.

Last letter, when I said you are the closest parents to the Wellington area, what I meant to say was, you are the closest parents to the Owens’, (who live in the Wellington area)!

If I go to Varsity for a year it would put Ordination back a year, but I don’t think it would affect final profession.

Today is Vocations Sunday, and we had a special Mass for the occasion. Geoff. Officer, Rory Morrissey & Tub O’Connor went into Napier this morning to speak on Vocations at the Masses.

I hope your leg is getting better Dad, & is good in time for your trip overseas.

Geoff. Officer was saying that his mother met you Mum, at a C.W.L. Meeting at Paraparaumu. Mr. & Mrs. Officer have just bought a section at Waikanae, & hope eventually to build & retire there.

Last night, we put on our term’s play – “One Wild Oat”. It was very enjoyable. I wasn’t in it this time.

Well, I can’t think of much news this week.

Love from

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